Via Green Institute offers solutions for companies that seek to control and mitigate the environmental impacts of their operations through the implementation of customized and effective strategies.

We operate by providing solutions for your business, adding value to your brand and contributing to a more sustainable economy.

  • Inventory of Greenhouse Gases;

    The Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions aims to identify and measure the GHG issuer sources into public or private organization, or even an event. The preparation of the inventory is the first step in the implementation of a management system to monitor and combat climate change.

  • Plan of Facing Climate Change;

    Set of actions to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change.

  • Offsetting of Greenhouse Gas Emission;

    Neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions through the recovery of degraded areas and support to environmental projects that generate carbon credits certified by the United Nations.

  • Plan of Solid Waste Management;

    Set of initiatives that aim at reducing waste generation and managing the waste generated, considering from storage to final destination, in line with the National Solid Waste Plan.

  • Effluent Management Plan;

    Specialized consulting for the management of the generated effluent and evaluation of applicable treatment methods.

  • Water Management;

    Specialized technical consulting for the water management and granting of right of water resource.

  • Consulting in Environmental Management (EMS);

    Specialized consulting to obtain the EMS and ISO 14000, as well as the follow-up during the auditing and certification process.

  • Consulting in Multimodal Logistic Operation;

    Technical consulting specialized in planning, preparation and control of transportation operations using two or more transport modes, from the origin to the destination, seeking optimization, reduction of costs and environmental impacts.

  • Training in Sustainable Driving;

    Training of drivers in sustainable driving, aiming at reducing costs and pollutant emission.

  • Environmental Education;

    Set of creative solutions and innovative actions in the approach to environmental education and dissemination of sustainable actions in the corporate environment and civil society.

  • Research and Development of Projects;

    Development and technical support in scientific research and environmental projects.

  • Eco-efficient technologies;

    Evaluation of available technologies to optimize cargo and passenger transportation activities.

  • Geoprocessing;

    Interactive activities of analysis and manipulation of raw data and images, using geoprocessing software, aimed at producing specific, extracted and highlighted information. It can be applied to: environmental management, cartography, environmental impact studies, prospecting of marketing resources, among others.

  • Creation of Letters and Thematic Maps;

    Documents on a basic geographic fund, representing geophysical, geological, demographic, economic, agricultural, among others, aiming the study, analysis and research of the themes in their spatial aspect.

  • Environmental Licensing;

    Specialized technical consultancy for the development of all its licensing process: Previous License, Installation License and Operation License.