The calculator developed by Via Green Institute follows the European methodology EN16258, ISO14064-1 specifications and IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change) guidelines for the monitoring of emissions of atmospheric pollutants. The tool was developed to perform the calculation by taking into account the peculiarities and specific characteristics of the transport sector. Applied to all modes, freight or passengers transport, it is only necessary to impute some data inherent to the route performed, so that the "carbon footprint" is calculated and later offset through of ECOEMISSION concept.


The calculator aims at maximum accuracy in the result and has two approaches of use, one for transporters and the other for cargo owners and intermediaries.

The methodology used in the calculator was validated by an external audit company (third party).

*CO2e - A measure that expresses the amount of GHG in terms equivalent to that of carbon dioxide. Equivalence considers the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the gases involved and calculates how much CO2 would be emitted if all GHGs were emitted as this gas.

** GHG – Greenhouse Gases