• Curved, beak-shaped tip representing the airs.

  • Vertical curved lines, sea movements.

  • Horizontal curved lines, roads, paths, access roads.

  • Final shape of the symbol.

The symbol represents three essential elements of logistical environment; water, earth and air. Using the nature factor to compose the brand understanding that a more palpable form should be mixed to all this so that the symbol creates a bond with its public. We then find in the duck, one of the few nature animals that flies, walks, swims with competence and is endowed with perfect sense of direction that piece of the puzzle to close the idea of the symbol.

Therefore, we have a light, striking symbol that has movement, action, and the whole essence of the logistic routes: water, air, and land (roads) and which subjectively is the simplified form of a duck, which becomes the "vehicle" that interacts with all these environments in a natural way.